Rabu, 15 Oktober 2008


Nobody likes paying taxes. even those who know that taxation is necessary and just are reluctant to oay taxes. it is not pleasant to see part of your monthly income taken away from you in income tax. ignorant people think this is an in justice and make a grievance of it. so it just as well that we should know why we are taxed, so that we can see the fairness of the system. every country must have a government of some sort, or life would be impossible. the primary duties of a government are to protect the life and property of the citizens in a just and orderly way through the law courts. to defend the country from foreign foes, and to maintain the roads and high ways. besides, many government maintain the roads and direct education provide hospitals for the sick, and attend to sanitation. all these great pubic duties need money an army navy have to be kept up.

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